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Every couple is unique, which is why we don't believe in restricting our wedding package to a fixed price. It is more important for us to know about your day and yourself, so as a team, we can work diligently to ensure we capture what is most precious to you. As we work together, we will tailor your package to benefit your memories.

The Details


Why two videographers? For coverage exceeding 10 hours, It is crucial for us to shoot as a team. Not only does it provide more angles enhancing the storytelling, but it also helps us get more coverage of your guests and ensures no moments are missed.

One Minute Film/Teaser

A personalised one-minute highlight of your special day to share with family and friends.

Raw Film

Experience your wedding day by watching your raw footage, consisting of all footage shot on the wedding day with audio included. Raw footage on average is a 4-6 hour film, which may vary depending on hours of coverage.

Professional Audio Capture

We want to ensure that you hear the voices of your closest friends and family members in the highest audio quality possible. On the day of the event, we will utilise specialised equipment to record audio directly from the speakers projecting to your audience. However, we won't stop there; we will always have a backup system, either the subject's microphone or a separate system on the subject. 

A one-of-a-kind film that effortlessly weaves honest and authentic footage with vows and speeches, edited together using our signature chronological style.

Wedding Documentary 

Our carefully crafted wedding documentary is ideal for couples who love a movie night in. This film is edited into a 30-minute cut with our unique story-based chronological style, allowing you to relive every scene in stunning detail. 

Multi-Camera Setup

The use of a multi-camera setup shooting ensures we capture crucial moments at different angles to help enhance our storytelling. Multi-camera setups also give safety; if one camera fails in an unusual circumstance, we have a backup. All footage is also shot onto two memory cards, once again if one card fails, we will always have a backup.

Aerial Cinematography

Our aerial cinematography service encompasses the utilization of cutting-edge drone technology to capture captivating footage of your beautiful venue. Aerial cinematography can only be done by us in locations deemed legal for flying, or in appropriate weather conditions.

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