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​As a young Chinese boy growing up in Auckland, New Zealand. I had the dream of one day becoming a visual storyteller. Surprisingly, I made it today telling the world's best romance stories while learning and making friends along the way. Funnily enough, we get more out of the couple than the couple gets out of us. From strangers to friends we learn about their first date, the things they love about each other and what brought them to their big day. To be able to tell these stories is an honour, especially while being invited to the world’s best parties. 

We are not a fan of flashy visual effects. Our creations delve deep into the emotional voyage that has intertwined our couples' lives, expressing every tender high and challenging low. 
As years turn and life evolves, the essence of how you've loved and lived may shift. Yet, our films stand as intimate testaments to your original connection and the promises that were made. They're not just films; they're bridges to your past.
These cherished moments, enshrined in our films, offer more than just memories. They are vibrant, living reminders of your shared laughter, dreams, and the profound love that drew you together from the start. They serve as gentle whispers, encouraging you to rediscover and reignite the passion and dedication that has been the foundation of your journey together.

This is what motivates us as filmmakers to personally go out to every wedding excited and full of energy to shoot.

- Jason Jiang
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Our Team.

After over six years and counting in the industry, Jason has built a team of passionate and professional Filmmakers who share a similar vision. The goal of Jiang Visuals is to tell every couple's story uniquely. To take the stories that we learn from the couple and express them in a way that preserves the loving and joyful atmosphere of that day for the memories to be revisited in the decades to come.


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